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As long as I can remember, I have had obsession for skincare, and been called to help others in healing their emotional pain body and supporting their wellbeing. My grandmother taught me about our herbal allies and how to heal with natural and vibrational medicine from a very young age. She taught me to honour, respect and rely on the abundant help available in the natural world. I have since come to understand that plants our my teacher and am humbled by all that I have learned and continue to learn from them.

I have been a holistic certified esthetician, skincare specialist, master facialist, reiki master, shiatsu therapist and herbalist for over 20 years. My passions have called me to travel all over the world studying with herbalists both western and eastern, Ayurvedic medicine & massage, shamans, Thai massage & healing practices & an ancient form of Classical Indian singing. It has given me a perspective of seeing the whole being, understanding vibration & healing. It has helped me understand the whole being and develop a clean and pure line of skincare that nourishes not only the skin, but uplifts your mood and nourishes the spirit.

Sage’s Sparrow has manifested out of a life long passion to create nurturing and healing rituals for everyone. I want everyone to feel good about themselves. I want them to see and feel what they love about themselves and find time to care & honour what they have to offer. We live in such a fast-paced world that we tend to forget the need for our own time to connect, rest and restore, so we can be at our best.

With a deep loving intention I have created a pure and natural skincare that is bathed in the pure vibrations of crystal energies, selected the aromas of therapeutic essential oils for their effects on the the skin subtle aroma to gently awaken the senses and created with respect to the influence of lunar cycles.

We handcraft all the herbal extractions, infusions & hydrosols. Wildcrafting indigenous plants from the Kootenay mountains & sourcing all other ingredients from ethical & small business sources. Our products work beyond the skin’s surface to bring deeper meaning to what we do each & bring day.

Sage’s Sparrow is an ever evolving collection following the skin's needs as the seasons change. I invite you to ebb and flow with me on this journey and take those precious moments to honour yourself.