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Oily + combination + problem skincare ritual

Oily, Combination, and ProblemSkincare Ritual

I Cleanse  

Begin with Aqua Aura Cleansing Oil

It's will Not cause breakouts or blackheads. It is the most effect and balancing cleansing method to deeply cleanse skin and balance oil and breakouts. Apply a quarter sized amount to dry skin massage and then apply water and massage a little more. Follow by rinsing with a warm water cloth.

or Obsidian Charcoal Cleanser 

Apply a dime to quarter sized amount to wet skin and massage, add water to hands as needed for slip and lather.  Finish this step by rinsing well with warm cloth.

II Exfoliate/ Mask

Element Enzyme Polish  

Apply a quarter sized amount to dry skin. exfoliation step is to be done 1-3 times a week. Apply a quarter sized amount to palm or small mixing bowl and add 2-3 sprays of mist or enough water to make a paste. Apply to skin in gentle circular motions or pat onto sensitive skin. Let this exfoliant sit for 1-3 minutes as the strawberry and papaya enzymes will breakdown dead skin cells and rinse well with lukewarm water.

Rare Earth Mask

The mask can be applied 1-2 times/week. It helps balance skin, remove excess oil without stripping. Make a paste with water, tea, serum or mist. Apply and relax for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water and enjoy the glow.

III Tone

Calendula + Quartz Mist 

Spritz over freshly cleansed and/or exfoliated skin, to hydrate and sooth. Also use with polish, serums & face balms to add moisture for mixing, and throughout the day to uplift or change your mood.

IV Treatment

Northern Lights Concentrate

Serum II is for balancing the skins production - or over production - of oils. It's is extremely calming and soothing for inflamed skin conditions and helps prevent/clear pimples and blackheads. Apply 4 drops to face neck & chest. Add toner or water for best oil absorption and extra water hydration. Oil loves to receive water for best skin absorption.

Neroli Nectar

A hyaluronic acid serum for treatment of dehydration, inflammation and breakouts. It holds a 1000 times it's weight in water. A skin pumping, calming, soothing featherlightmwater and aloe based serum.

V Hydrate

Gaia Balm 

Balancing + Regenerative + Protective

Use sparingly, unlike cream this product has no water in it. Therefore, it is a very concentrated formula. Apply a ½ pearl sized or less amount depending on your choice of hydration. Wet your other hand or spray with mist and mix together, applying to skin. The key to loving this product is to keep adding water to your hands if you are finding it too oily. The oils used in this product mimic your own natural oils and are non-clogging. They WILL balance excessively oily skin.  Let it sit on the skin for a few moments before applying makeup. More water -or mist- will make it less oily and quicker to penetrate the skin. This can be used as a night mask without dilution.

Trinity Balancing Elixir

Feather light water and witch hazel based moisture for skin balancing. Apply to cleansed skin.