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Enchanted Eye Butter

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Smoothes finelines + dark circles + calms puffiness


An eye cream for sensitive eyes, to help reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Calming, nourishing and soothing Calendula hydrosol is the foundation of this beautiful eye butter. With extracts of hibiscus (antioxidant rich & reduces damage of environments pollutants and UV, firming), licorice (dark circles & age spots), cucumber (swelling, redness, puffiness, dark circles) and honeysuckle (soothing) extracts. Nourishing the eyes with evening primrose and pomegranate oils with their antiaging and deep penetrating qualities. Smoothing and antioxidant nature of horsetail extract, carrot seed and myrrh essential oils. Caffeine lyposome targets dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. Nourishing, hydrating, lifting. Bulgarian rose lightly scents and nourishes eye tissues. This is a decadent and glorious addition to protect the delicate eye area & enhance your everyday skincare ritual.


Apply a very small amount to orbital bones around the eye. Do not apply to eye lid the moisture will soak into the areas closer to the eye.


***Calendula hydrosol, *Camellia oil,  Extracts of ***Symphtum Officinale, Cucumber extract,*Hibiscus rosa -sinensis, *Glycyrrhiza lepidota, Honeysuckle extract, **Cetearyl Olivate, **Sorbitan Olivate *Evening primrose, Pomegranite oil, *Babassu ,*Vegetable Glycerine (non gmo), *Castor, Rose floral wax, Vitamin E, Caffeine Lyposome,  *Cornflower extract, ***Horsetail extract, ~Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Xantham Gum, Non Nano Zinc Oxide, Essential oils of *Caucus carota & Commiphora myrrha.