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Aqua Aura Cleansing Oil

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Soothing + Refining 

A luscious non clogging oil cleanser for all skin types. A light oil based cleanser of sunflower oil with extracts of chamomile + red clover, camellia (a rich source of antioxidants, phytosqualene & omega fatty acids, argan oil, softens skin & reduces acne) imbued with yarrow, blue tansy & a touch of rose geranium. This oil cleanser removes dirt & melts away makeup maintaining the skins ph balance leaving it feeling glowing, clean and free of impurities. A great introduction to oil cleansing for all skin types including oily, combination, congested & temperamental skin.

This formula will not disappoint and the scent is light and heavenly. Infused with the vibrational qualities of aqua aura crystals which combine both properties of gold & quartz to create any energy that is extensively to cleanse and smooth the aura, activating the chakras and releases negativity from one's emotional, physical , intellectual and spiritual bodies.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. If you require medical treatment please seek a qualified medical practitioner. 


The key to great success with oil cleansing is applying the oil cleanser to dry skin. Massage in, follow by applying water and then removing with a warm cloth.


*Sunflower Oil infusion of **Amthemis nobilis,**Melissa officialis,**Trifolium pratense & Aqua aura crystal, *Camellia oil, *Argan oil, *Castor, Vitamin E, Essential Oil blend including **Achilles millefolium & *Pelagonium graveolens.

*Certified Organic, **Handcrafted/Wildcrafted.